Xnorophis was born in Montreal, Canada, in 2006 after the first album release The Tale or the Forgotten Key which offered an East Indian flavour mixing Sitar with Trip Hop beats and world grooves. It was voted Trip Hop artist of the year 2006 by the LA Music Awards, and their music then went on to be featured in promo trailers for the new NBC series Heroes as well as the Omni film travel series.

In 2007, Xnorophis started performing live at various electronic music festivals and events. The music style diversified bringing in elements of indie punk, reggae, rock and funk mixed with electronic breakbeats and tribal rhythms. This brought the album release of Tantric Tank featuring live vocals bringing a certain mystique to the music.

In 2008, the BPM got pushed up further with The Battle of Kô, where the music moved to electro and trance, still keeping the tribal edge. This was complimented by the more chill reggae dub set, Timebone Junction. 2009 brought Xnorophis two more releases, Thoughts from the Electronic Cavemen offering tribal dubstep, and Bionic Prophets, more upbeat with tribal electro trance. Xnorophis has just finished their latest live set XR7, moving into Funkadelic Trance.