dance vibes to nourish the soul.

have you ever wondered what its like to not wonder and just be.

Imagine reaching a state of trance where your conscious mind is no longer awake. Then imagine a trip around the world into the souls of ancient civilizations. Well this is hopefully what Xnorophis is trying to do. If that doesn't work out, then I'm sure you'll have fun on the dance floor anywayz.


what the hell is xnorophis?.

Xnorophis offers an organic edge to electronic music.


Xnorophis offers an organic edge to electronic music bringing in acoustic elements, world sounds and ecliptic vocals to the mix. Several albums have been released since the first in 2006 which won Trip Hop artist of the year from LA Music Awards and was also featured in travel documentaries and trailers for the CBS series Heroes and Law & Order.

The music has diversified a lot since then and adopted styles of psytech, forest, dubstep, and techno. Xnorophis has played at various electronic music festivals including Eclipse, Timeless, Funny Moon, Open Mind, Space Gathering, Alweezgrooven & Tatanka, both in the chill and main stages. Xnorophis is created by Scottish producer Martin Bennett who resides in Montreal, Canada. He enjoys working with guest artists locally and from all parts